Phoenixville Brings Community Together as it Celebrates Blobfest

By Linda Dieffenbach, BSW, RMT

July 14, 2016

Phoenixville Blobfest: There is a lot to be said about the power of community.  Having lived in smaller neighborhoods most of my life, along with a few towns that did not have a very active community, I have found that living in Phoenixville PA has been a wonderful experience.

I moved into Phoenixville late last summer, and then opened my business here around Thanksgiving. Living close to nature most of my life, I was a bit apprehensive about how I would take to living in downtown Phoenixville. I am pleasantly surprised. The convenience of being close to the heart of town has been nice, but what I have come to love about this town is the community.

Since opening my doors at Wellness in Harmony last winter, I have had the privilege of connecting more with my neighbors on Church Street and around the Phoenixville area.  It has been wonderful. Like any town, Phoenixville has its challenges, but the community here is strong, alive and vibrant.  There are so many wonderful events in and around town throughout the year that are designed to bring people together.  I love it.

First Friday, Phoenixville PA 19460, blobfest, colonial theater, wellness in harmony
First Friday Phoenixville

First Friday’s, the Farmers  Market, Pride Fest, the Dogwood Festival, Blobfest, Lulu’s, the Food Truck Festival, the Firebird Festival, and so many other events year round really build and strengthen this community.  People come together, bring their children, family and friends, and have a good time.

I love walking downtown on Friday evenings and listening to the live music of the street musicians as we walk Rocco or visit the local restaurants and shops. We really have something special here and I know that the community has worked hard to create the energy and vitality that is the heart of Phoenixville.


Last week, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Blobfest.  What an experience!!

Having grown up in Downingtown, I was aware of the movie but had never seen it, and certainly had no idea how much fun a quirky horror film from the 1950’s could be create.  I admit, I thought it an odd thing to celebrate, but in getting into the spirit of it, I realized how great of an event it is.  This town pulls it off with style and a whole lot of silliness.  You really have to see it!!

blobfest, phoenixville pa 19460, wellness in harmony
Blobfest Phoenixville

On Friday evening (Blobfest opening night), we camped out at Franco’s Ristorante. We had a great dinner with some Blob themed cocktails as we anxiously awaited the “big event” – the run out from the Colonial Theater.  The town was packed with people who came out to watch it.  Tons of people coming together to celebrate and enjoy some silliness.  Lots of people dressed in costumes, too.  There were some traditional 1950’s attire along with some great Sci-Fi and monster costumes.  The run out was followed by the Blob Ball (which I have to attend next year!)

Saturday, the town had a Blobfest street fair, again bringing out loads of people from the community for an afternoon of fun and festivities.  A great day for kids and families.  The theater had showings of The Blob (of course), along with some other classic 50’s Sci-Fi and horror flicks.

Blobfest Window Contest, blobfest, phoenixville pa 19460, colonial theater
Wellness in Harmony Blobfest Window Contest

As a business owner in town, I was invited to participate in the “Blob Facade” window decorating contest.  Ken and I watched the movie for the first time just after I signed up – it’s a trip.  Top level special effects and acting if I ever saw it 🙂 If you haven’t seen it and are looking for some great entertainment, definitely check it out.  Even better – come to see it on the big screen at the Colonial Theater during the next Blobfest!

Blobfest Window Contest Wellness in Harmony
Blobfest Window Contest Wellness in Harmony

We had a great time planning and creating our window, poking fun at a few of the quirky elements of the movie. Being from Downingtown, we were most intrigued by how everyone managed to run out of the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville and straight across the street into the Downintown Diner… what the..?  We really enjoyed playing with that little anomaly!  We also got to meet even more people in town as they walked around and checked out our silly window.  Even better.

Blobfest Window Contest, Lulus boutique, Phoenixville PA 19460
Blobfest Window Contest Lulu’s Boutique

I am very excited to announce that Wellness in Harmony won both the first place prize AND the People’s Choice Award.  THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us!!!

Several downtown businesses participated in the event, each coming up with different and unique ideas. I was a bit late collecting pictures of them, but a few were still up when I did get out my camera as I was walking through town, so I am posting them here so you can see some of them.

Phoenixville’s Revival

Phoenixville was one of the towns that suffered tremendously when the steel industry tanked.  It decayed for years, and, in keeping with it’s name sake, has arisen from the ashes and formed new life.

Blobfest Window Contest, Better Homes and Gardens, Phoenixville PA 19460
Blobfest Window Contest Better Homes and Gardens

It takes a lot of commitment, time and coordination to rebuild a town and bring a community together, but it is so worth the effort. Even though I have only lived here for a short period of time, I feel a strong connection to this community that I have never experienced in other towns.  I enjoy living here and I am inspired to support this community and help it grow even stronger. The commitment and dedication that I feel from the Phoenixville community itself inspires me to become more engaged.  I enjoy being a part of the vibrancy and energy that lives in this town.

Blobfest Window Contest, phoenix karate, phoenixville pa 19460
Blobfest Window Contest Phoenix Karate

I am deeply grateful to all who have put their heart and soul into revitalizing our community and for the opportunity to be part of such a great town.

Blobfest Window Contest, black Walnut winery, pheonixville pa 19460
Blobfest Window Contest Black Walnut Winery


About Linda Dieffenbach:

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