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A Fond Farewell to 2017

As the old year comes to a close, one of my favorite things to do is take some time to reflect back over the year – to honor the experiences, lessons and transitions that have occurred, and to count the blessings received. Through this practice, I gain insight into myself and my life, and it helps me gain clarity as I move into the new year.

2017 was a challenging year of personal transformation for many.  Some came by choice, but many of us found ourselves overcome by difficult and unexpected shifts and, in some cases, traumatizing and tragic circumstances that forced us into massive life changes. 2017 was not a gentle year.  It came with many hard lessons.

Personally, I went through a rather painful life overhaul this year.  A long-term relationship with a man that I loved but who was quite toxic ended, leading to numerous other changes. I lost my home and my neighborhood, two beloved pets, and eventually the office and wellness center that I had spent the summer creating. While all very painful, there were many important life lessons and amazing gifts that came through this experience. What I gained was priceless.

Counting Your Blessings

The biggest gift I received was the amazing outpouring of love and support that showed up in my life. Of course, I know that I am loved by my friends and family. They have always been a great support for me and they did not let me down.  In fact, they went above and beyond in the many ways that they helped me through.  Support came in many unexpected ways, too. Neighbors, clients, acquaintances and fellow healers. I was surrounded by a host of Earth Angels that wrapped me in their love, rallied around me, and helped me navigate through the transition and the numerous unexpected hits and challenges that came up along the way.

Even in the darker and more painful moments, I constantly felt supported by grace and love.  I felt so very blessed and grateful. At times, it was difficult to avoid getting caught up in the pain and frustration, but each time I looked around and saw the blessings I was receiving, I found hope. I knew that all of this was happening to move me out of a place that no longer served me and get me back on track.

Trusting the Universe

There are times when it is easy to forget that the universe always has your back. When you get off track in your life, when you lose sight of your vision, and when you stop listening to your inner voice, life gets harder. But then, something will happen to get you back on track.

That is what happened here. I found myself in a situation that was not serving me, that was taking me away from my authentic path. My needs were not being met. I was not being supported in the way that I needed to be. I was putting the needs of another in front of my own in a way that was unhealthy. In my love for this person, I made excuses for things that should not be excused. I made allowances that were hurtful to me.

I neglected to listen to my inner guidance and I was way off track. A part of me knew this. But part of me also believed that I could mend the problems in the relationship.

I was wrong.

As a result of my failure to follow my path and honor my needs, I was faced with a difficult lesson. The universe moved me in a way that forced me to make change. It was a very necessary change, but had I been listening to myself fully, it probably would have been much less painful.

One of the things that has been absolutely magical about this journey, is how powerfully my life has been guided since the breakup. I can see so many ways that the universe has supported me through each step of the process. Perhaps the biggest is what I mentioned earlier, with so many loved ones coming through and supporting me. But other magical things that happened as well.

Financial resources have shown up in miraculous ways to help me cope with the additional expenses.

New opportunities have presented themselves that I never anticipated.

When I was looking for a new office, most of the places that I looked at were too small to accommodate the love seat and chair that I had in my office. I made a random comment one time that I needed a set of wingback chairs. A couple days later I walked out my front door and there they were.  A pair of wingback chairs sitting across the street, in perfect condition and free.

These are just a few of the examples that have shown up for me.


As I sat down earlier and journaled about the experiences of the past year, I found myself coming to a place of immense gratitude. Despite the pain and hardship that came with these experiences, I feel an overwhelming sense of joy as I prepare to move forward into the new year. I feel that these lessons have helped bring me back on track. It has brought me back into alignment with my authentic self. I feel more connected myself and with my purpose here on this planet.

I share this with you as a reminder that, even when you are going through times of pain and darkness, there is always light at the end. It may not seem that way when you’re in it, but it is there. And more importantly, you are never alone in the darkness. Although there are times it may not feel that way, helpers show up in miraculous ways. Your choice is whether or not to open to them and let them in. The love and support may not show up in the ways or from people you expect, but it will be there. Open your heart to receive it.

My hope for you is that you have a magical new year. May you be surrounded by love. And may you be guided along the path of joy.

2017, thank you for the lessons and the love.

2018, I am ready.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Inspiring words and thanks for sharing your story. You had man losses that year and I like that you first wrote about those one. It shows that you left those behind and that you were more focused on the positive outcomes. It is indeed hard to feel like it is just a passing when times are hard. Reading others’people experiences may be be inspirational and help others pull themselves through hard times.

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