Clearing Negative Energy As an Essential Energetic Self-Care Practice

By Linda Dieffenbach, BSW, RMT

January 27, 2016

Everything is energy. Your body, your food, your environment, the Earth… everything. Energy vibrates at different frequencies.  Higher vibrational frequencies are lighter while lower frequencies are denser.  As we move through each moment of our life, we are interacting with a wide range of energies within and around us and that energy is co-mingling with our own. In the same way that dirt and other elements of our environment cling to our body’s, energy clings to our energy field and impacts how we feel mentally, physically and emotionally.

Think about it ~ have you ever been in a room full of happy and excited people and felt your energy lifted? You are connecting with high vibrational energy that raises your energetic vibration. Conversely, have you ever been in a place were people were angry, perhaps arguing? How does your energy feel then? You may begin to feel edgy and anxious or even start to feel angry yourself, right?

Whether you are consciously ‘sensitive’ or not, your energy field is constantly interacting with and being affected by the energy around you. Just as you make it a priority to clean your clothing and shower regularly to cleanse yourself of dirt and grime picked up throughout the day, it is equally important to clean your energy field of the energies you are carrying from your daily experience.

Clearing negative energy is technically incorrect since energy is neither good nor bad, however lower vibrational energies carried in our field tend to have a negative impact on us if we do not clear our field regularly. I recommend daily clearing and additional clearing any time you are feeling stressed, anxious, fatigued, depressed or overwhelmed. Also, frequent clearing is supportive when you are navigating challenging life experiences.

Tools for Clearing Negative Energy:

Here are a few tools that you can use to clear energetic density from your space, your body and your energy field.

Clearing Negative Energy with Smudge
Clearing Negative Energy with Smudge


Native American Smudging is the burning of herbs and plants to clear negativity from an area. Sage is a powerful cleansing tool, also used for protection and wisdom. Mugwort and Juniper are also excellent for cleansing space. To cleanse the space, you may use a smudge stick or loose plant material placed in a fire safe container. Abalone shells are very nice for this. Light the smudge and allow it to smolder. Gently fan the smoke with a feather as you move through the room, smudging the entire area and your body. You will want to open windows to allow the smoke to carry out the energy. ** Be careful when smudging and never leave smouldering ashes unattended. Also be mindful that the smoke may trigger alarm systems. People who have asthma or are sensitive to smoke should use other clearing methods or try Smokeless Smudge.

Epsom Salts and Rubbing Alcohol:

This is the most powerful cleansing method.  Place the salt in a metal or ovenproof pan or dish – preferably with a long handle (stainless steel or cast iron – never use a non-stick pan).  Form the salts into a small mound, soak them in Rubbing Alcohol (USB 70%), and light with a long handled lighter. Use care when lighting as the flames may shoot up!  Carry the pan using a potholder around the entire room, including corners and closets.  Allow the salts to burn out before moving to another room.  If you have walked through the entire room and the salt is still burning, you may set them in the center or the room and wait for them to burn out.  Use caution with this method.  The container will get very hot, so take precautions – use pot holders, do not set them down on a surface that may be scorched or where the flame may catch on something.  Do not leave unattended for any period.

Clearing with Sea Salt
Clearing with Sea Salt

Sea Salts (Not Iodized):

Ever wonder why it feels so good to be by the ocean? Sea Salts are wonderful allies in clearing negative energy. Recommended uses include:

  • Pour about a cup into your laundry along with your detergent to remove energetic density from your clothing and linens.
  • Take a salt bath, using at least a cup of sea salt and filling the tub with warm water. Soak for at least 15 minutes and then drain the tub and rinse your body to remove salt crystals from your skin.

These are just a few tools to start with.  I recommend making good energetic hygiene a part of your daily hygiene routine.

About Linda Dieffenbach:

Linda has over 15 years experience as an energy healer, coach and personal development expert.  She specializes in empowering you to overcome the patterns and habits that are keeping you feeling stuck and overwhelmed with your life.  Her areas of training and expertise include personal empowerment, self-care skills, stress management, healthy relationships,  effective communication, suicide prevention, and trauma. To learn more about Linda, click here.  Interested in working with Linda?  Click here.

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