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Just as healthy emotional and physical boundaries are a core foundation for safety and well-being, healthy energetic boundaries are equally important. Boundaries protect us and keep us safe. Creating and maintaining boundaries is the first step in establishing energetic protection.

By establishing healthy energetic boundaries, you create more awareness of what energy is yours and what is not. You recognize when you pick up energy from your environment and other people, therefor you are less likely to take it on as your own. It becomes easier to move it out of your field. Additionally, you have a better filter, so things that you might otherwise pick up unconsciously do not enter your field at all. With strong boundaries, you become more tuned into yourself and aware of your authentic energy. Outside influences have less impact on your emotional state. Boundaries also help to prevent energy leakage, manipulation, and drainage.

Tips and Tools to Create and Maintain Healthy Energetic Boundaries

Practice Self-Awareness:

Your level of self-awareness plays a key role in creating and maintaining your boundaries. Through knowing your self, your own emotions, and your energy, you recognize when other ‘stuff’ comes in. Take time throughout each day to tune in to yourself and notice what you are feeling and thinking. Also become aware of your body, thoughts, emotions, and energy. As you notice things shift, check in to discern if what you are noticing is yours, or if you picked it up from your environment. Observe your emotional and energetic reactions. Notice circumstances and people that energize you, and those that drain you. Daily journaling or other forms of self-reflection help you tune in and track the events of your day, as well as helping you identify patterns and challenges over time.

Clear Your Energy Field and Surroundings:

A foundational practice for creating healthy energetic boundaries is regular energy clearing. When your space and field are clear, you feel your energy more clearly. Read our energy clearing blog here for clearing tools.

Clearing and Sealing the Auric Field:

Energetic Protection Techniques

There are circumstances where you will want to further protect your energy field, especially if you are highly sensitive to the energies and emotions of others. Fortify your energetic boundaries with the following protective techniques. For more extreme situations and conflicts, use temporary shields*. This includes when you are in large, crowded areas, experiencing intense, volatile or traumatic situations, or when in conflict with others.

Liquid Gold Light:

“I invoke and command that pure liquid gold light pour down from above my crown chakra, flowing through my entire body and energy field, sealing and healing all points of attack, neutralizing them back to source. I invoke and command that pure liquid gold light pour down around the outer edge of my energy field, completely covering its entire boundary, even below my feet.” This practice restores energy from small energy drains to intrusions and more aggressive energetic attacks. Remember that these may come from unknown sources as well as known. This is an excellent tool to use in times of high stress and trauma. (From coursework with Elizabeth Frediani)

Golden Sphere:

“Beloved Archangel Michael, please place a golden sphere of protection around my entire body and energy field keeping out all energies that are out of alignment with the highest light and love. Thank You.” Restore this daily. This may also be used for a room, home, workplace and other areas.

D# Shields:

I invoke and command that nine (or as many as you wish) D# shields, polished on the outside surround my entire body and energy field.” You can also place these shields around others and/or around a place (with permission). These offer powerful protection of an extremely high energetic vibration equated with Christ Consciousness. This is beneficial when there are subtle disturbances in your energy field, or when there is stress in the environment or collective consciousness. (From coursework with Elizabeth Frediani)

Violet Flame:

The Violet Flame is a high vibrational energetic frequency that transmutes energy into love. Therefore, it is highly healing, protective, and revitalizing. Here are a few methods for using it:

  • Invoke the violet transmuting flame to come around the outside boundary of your energy field. This is a great practice for any kind of bombardment from a situation, an individual or collective stress, fear, and anxiety.
  • Visualize the violet flame blazing in, through and around every cell of your body, your energy field and your environment, expanding out in all directions of space and time (for whatever distance you choose).
  • Decree: “I AM a being of violet fire. I AM the purity God desires.” Say this aloud as often as you desire. Repeating this decree numerous times raises your vibration and transmutes the energies in and around your body.
  • Decree: “I AM the Violet Flame in action in me now. I AM the Violet Flame. To Light alone I bow. I AM the Violet Flame. In mighty Cosmic Power. I AM the Light of God. Shining every hour. I AM the Violet Flame. Blazing like a sun. I AM God’s sacred power. Freeing every one

Surround yourself with light:

There are various ways in which to do this. You can visualize or intend that a sphere or bubble of light surround your entire body and energy system. You may choose a specific color or layering of colors within your sphere to bring in certain energies and protections. As gold light is highly protective and transformative, it is a good one to start practicing with. Expand your sphere out further, several feet, yards, or even miles as you choose. You may also choose to surround your sphere with a mirror on the outer layer, to return anything that is sent to you lovingly back to its originator.

energetic boundary, energy bubble


  1. If you are a Reiki practitioner, use Reiki to clear and protect your field and environment
    • Protective Reiki Grid: Invoke Cho-Ku-Rei and Sei-He-Ki to protect and charge your space. Stand in the center of the room facing the east corner. Hold your hands up facing the top corner, with palms out and thumbs touching.  Repeat Cho-Ku-Rei three times, followed by Sei-Hei-Ki three times, then bring your hands down as if drawing a line from the top corner to the floor. Repeat in the South, West and North corners, then with palms facing the ceiling, floor, and completing at the center.
    • Cho-Ku-Rei Shield: Hold the intent to be fully protected while drawing Cho-Ku-Rei in front of you to shield yourself from harmful or negative energy.
      You can also use it to protect other people (with their permission) or objects by drawing it on the person or object you wish to protect while holding the intent that it creates a protective bubble around them.  You may also draw it over each of the chakras on yourself or the person you are intending to shield.
    • Clearing with Cho-Ku-Rei:
      Cho-Ku-Rei helps to clear and cleanse a room or space of dense or “negative” energies. Send it in to a room when there is tension, trauma or emotional pain.  It is supportive and helps to keep the energy in the room clear and light, facilitating movement and healing for those in the space.  In these situations, use in conjunction with Sei-Hei-Ki (and perhaps with Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen if it seems appropriate).

Crystals and Stones:

Black stones, such as black tourmaline, obsidian, and smokey quartz provide protection to your field. Carry them in your pockets or wear as jewelry. Place them at entrances to your home or office. Be sure to clear them regularly, however.

Mirrored Shields:

Mirrors reflect energy back to the sender, making them highly beneficial when dealing with manipulative people, or when someone is projecting or energetically attacking you.  Invoke or visualize a mirror between you and the other person, with the reflection facing them. If needed, place a layered series of shields between you and them.

Practice working with these different techniques to see which work best for you in different situations.

If you find that you are having challenges and need further assistance with this, feel free to schedule an Integrated Energy Healing session. Sessions are available virtually, or in our Phoenixville PA office.

*Note: We do not advocate using shields all the time. By maintaining healthy energetic boundaries, you should be able to navigate most experiences and interactions without the need for shields. Limit your use of shields to circumstances that require extra layers of protection.  

In addition to maintaining healthy energetic boundaries, grounding is a key element of energetic self-care. Learn 10 Ways to Ground Your Energy here.

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