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Just as regular bathing is necessary to keep your body clean, regular energy clearing is needed to keep your body and energy field clean and functioning optimally.

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As we move through each day, we interact with and emit a host of different energies. We pick up energy from the buildings and structures we visit, the people we interact with, and the situations we experience. Oftentimes, we unknowingly pick up energetic baggage from others and carry it around as if it were our own. We are energetically tied into the collective, and therefore are sensitive to energetic influences on a more global level as well. If we neglect to clear out these energies, they build up in our system and create unnecessary challenges such as moodiness, fatigue, heightened stress and anxiety, overwhelm, irritability, heaviness, or sadness.

The same is true for our environment. Energies build up in enclosed spaces, causing them to feel dense and heavy. Your home and your workspace also require regular energy clearing to keep them feeling light and comfortable.

Below are techniques and tools help you to release energetic density and debris from your energy field and environment. Use these regularly as part of your routine self-care. At times of extreme stress, when you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, or following an upsetting or traumatic event, use as soon after as possible and increase the frequency for a period.

Energy Clearing Tools:

Sea Salt Bath:

Sea salt attracts energetic density, clearing your field of energies you have picked up in your environment or have released from your body. Fill your tub with water at a comfortable temperature for you, and add one cup of sea salt (make sure there is no iodine added) or Himalayan salts. Soak for at least 15 minutes, then drain the tub and rinse off under the shower to remove any salt residue from your skin. Salt baths also help release lactic acid from the body, further supporting relaxation as the body releases tension in the muscles. I highly recommend salt baths after a stressful day or after receiving any form of energy work.

If you do not have a bathtub, sea salt scrubs are a great alternative.

Smudge Clearing Ceremony:

Smudging** is a Native American cleansing ceremonial practice that involves the burning of herbs and plants to clear dense energy from the energy field and a space. White sage is most commonly used and is a powerful cleansing tool. It also brings protection and wisdom. Palo Santo is wonderful for cleansing and has a sweet aroma. Mugwort and Juniper are also excellent for cleansing space.

To smudge, you may use a smudge stick or loose plant material placed in a fire safe container. Abalone shells are very nice for this. From a ceremonial perspective, it brings in the element of water, so all four elements are present. Light the smudge herbs and allow it to smolder. Gently fan the smoke with a feather as you move through the room, smudging the entire area. If possible, open windows to allow the smoke and energy to leave. For your energy field, use the feather to fan the smoke toward and around your body. Bring the smoke into areas of your body that are carrying tension or illness. Simply by fan the smoke towards those places and gently pat there.

**Be mindful of anyone in the space that may be sensitive to smoke. It can aggravate the lungs.
Smokeless Smudge is also available and is a great alternative for those sensitive to smoke, and for spaces where burning the herbs is not allowed. Serenity Achieved makes a wonderful Smokeless Smudge Spray, along with other energetic sprays. You can order online here.

Epsom Salt & Rubbing Alcohol:

This is the most powerful cleansing method. Compared to smudging, I think of this method as your ‘Spring Cleaning’ and smudging as your routine weekly cleaning. Burn one pot per room in the home/building. Place the Epsom salt in a stainless-steel pan or dish – preferably with a long handle. Form the salts into a small mound, soak them in Rubbing Alcohol (USB 70% or higher) – just enough to wet the salt, and light with a match or long handled lighter. Use care, as the flames may shoot up. If it does not light, add a little more alcohol.

You may choose to carry the pan, using a potholder, around the entire room, including corners and closets. (Personally, for safety purposes, I set it in the center of the room and let it burn out rather than carrying it. There is much less chance of mishap this way!) Allow the salts to burn out before moving to another room. If you have walked through the entire room and the salt is still burning, you may set them in the center or the room and wait for them to burn out.

Use caution with this method. The container will get very hot, so take precautions.  Use pot holders. Do not set the pot down on a surface that may be scorched, or where the flame may catch on something. Do not leave unattended for any period. You should feel a shift in the energy of the room as you do this (the air will feel lighter, you will likely feel more relaxed). If needed, you can burn a second pot.
I like to sit near the pot as it burns, so it clears my energy field as well.

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Essential Oils:

Diffuse essential oils to clear the energy in your space. Here are some to try:

  • Palo Santo
  • Sage
  • Purification (Young Living)
  • Cedarwood
  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Peppermint

You can also add essential oils to your salt bath to help clear your energy and relax your body. Be sure to follow appropriate safety protocols.

Clearing and Sealing the Auric Field:

This is one of my favorite tools for clearing the energy field and creating strong energetic boundaries. Created by my mentor, Elizabeth Frediani, this practice is found in her book, “Where Body Meets Soul: Subtle Energy Healing Practices for Physical and Spiritual Self-Care”.  This practice helps to strengthen your energetic boundaries, clears your field, helps you learn to recognize your own energy vs. others, and to better filter out the energies of others. For copy write reasons, I cannot post it here, but I highly recommend purchasing the book. It is filled with powerful energetic self-care practices.

Energy Clearing Statement:

If you feel you may be carrying energy from others or the collective, this is a quick tool to help release it. Simply say this clearing statement aloud: “All that is not mine, or does not serve my highest purpose, I freely and willingly give back to the Universe to be transmuted as is appropriate and in accordance with Sacred and Divine Law.”

Triple Grid:

The Triple Grid is an angelic invocation that calls on team of angelic beings to clear your home, workspace, or other spaces. It then infuses desired energy into those spaces, and then creates a protective grid around it. The Triple Grid was originally published in “What is Lightbody”. Click here to read the original version, along with a Quad version, and one for your individual field.

I recommend experimenting with the practices that resonate with you to see which work best for you in different circumstances. If you have questions about any of these tools, please feel free to reach out.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and need additional support, please schedule a private session. We offer virtual and in office sessions.

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