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The practice of grounding connects your energy to the earth. Through this, you re-establish your sense of stability, calming your nervous system and energy field. Generally, you can ground yourself in less than a minute. Ground your energy at the start of each day as part of your regular hygiene routine and repeat when needed throughout the day (any time you begin to feel your stress or anxiety levels increase).

Here are a variety of grounding practices to use. Experiment with them to see which work best for you in different situations.

How to Ground Your Energy Field

  1. Walk in Nature: Spending time in nature is an excellent way to ground your energy. Just spending time outside in a natural environment calms and soothes the spirit and helps to ground your energy, however you receive greater benefit if you are mindful about consciously connecting with Mother Earth. Go outside and breathe deeply, drawing the air all the way to your toes. Feel your feet on the Earth (ideally, it is best if you can walk around barefoot in the grass, so your feet have a direct connection to the Earth). Feel and smell the air, listen to the sounds, and look at the beauty around you. Touch tree branches as you pass. As you walk, feel each step. Notice how gravity holds you to the Earth.
  2. Lay on the Earth: This is perhaps one of my favorites. Go outside, into your yard or to a local park and lay down on your belly, with your chest against the Earth. Simply breathe and connect. Let the stress and anxiety flow out of your body and down into the Earth.
  3. Deep Conscious Breathing: Take slow, conscious, deep breaths. Bring the breath in through your nose, gently, deeply, and slowly allowing your abdomen and lungs to expand with the in breath. Then hold the breath for a few moments before exhaling very slowly and gently through your nose. As you breathe, feel your body and allow your energy to drop down through the soles of your feet, into the Earth.
  4. 4-7-8 Breathing: Breathe in through your nose to the count of 4. Gently hold the breath to the count of 7. Slowly release the breath through your nose to the count of 8. Repeat 3 more times (more if necessary).
  5. Plant Yourself: Imagine roots growing down into the Earth from your feet. Send them into the ground, imagining them spreading wide and deep, intertwining with the soil and rocks, anchoring you deeply in the Earth like an ancient tree with roots as deep and wide below as the tree above the ground. Breathe deeply. Send any anxious, overwhelmed, or static energy down through your roots and into the Earth. Also, allow the Earth to nourish you, drawing energy and nutrients up through your roots and into your body. Breathe.
  6. Feel Gravity: Simply pause and feel your body, noticing how you are being held to the Earth by the pull of Gravity. As you do, breathe deeply, and allow your excess energy to drop down into the ground.
  7. Grounding Cord/Anchor: Bring your attention to the base of your spine and imagine a grounding cord that is wider than your hips dropping down from the base of your spine and into the Earth. Imagine your grounding cord as it moves deeper and deeper through the many layers until it reaches the center/core of the Earth. Once there, imagine anchoring your cord at the center of the Earth, like a ship anchor. Feel how you are connected to and supported by the Earth. Next, send any stress, tension, worries, excess energy, etc. down through your grounding cord into the center of the Earth to be transmuted and released.
  8. Name What You See (The “Pooh” Game): This is a slightly different form of grounding but is highly effective in bringing you into the present moment and calming racing thoughts and nervous energy. Focus on your environment and name what you see as you look around. Do this without qualifying or descriptive statements. Simply name the items. For example: “lamp, table, computer, candle, chair, cat, coaster, mug, pen, window, phone, television, clock…” If possible, say each item aloud. Continue for as long as needed to bring your mind and body into a calmer, more present state.
  9. Grounding through the Chakras: From a seated position, take a few slow, gentle breaths. Bring your attention to your Root Chakra, located at the base of your spine. Intend for your Root Chakra to open and connect with the ascending energy of the Earth. As you feel the energy begin to flow into your body, allow it to rise gently and slowly up along your energy channel/spine. Feel each chakra relax and open as the energy moves into them one at a time. Once the energy reaches your Crown Chakra, feel it open as the energy continues to rise and flow through your body. Take several minutes to feel the energy flowing along your energy channel. Next, focus on your Crown Chakra, and connect with the descending energy flowing from the universe. Allow it to flow into your body, moving slowly down through each chakra. Once it reaches your Root Chakra, allow the energy to continue flowing down and into the Earth. Feel the ascending and descending energies flowing simultaneously along your energy channel.
    Note: Your body may begin to sway or rock a bit during this practice. Allow it. You may also notice a relaxation of the spine.
  10. Connect with Your Body: There are a number of ways to do this.
    1. Body Scan: Consciously bring your attention to different parts of your body and feel them by noticing sensations at each point. Begin with your feet, then move to your ankles, calves, knees, and continuing up your body until you come to your head. Take several moments at each point. If it helps, you can close your eyes as you focus on each part of your body, or actively look at each part as you focus there.
    2. Movement: Physical movement and exercise are effective ways to get present and connected in your body. Go outside to walk, run, or hike. Take a yoga, Qi Gong, or Tai Chi class. Dance.
    3. Patting: Pat your body using a soft, gently rhythm. Breathe slowly and deeply as you do this. Cup your hands and gently tap around your head. Next with an open palm, pat up and down along each arm. With both hands, pat your upper chest, lower chest, then your abdomen. Bending slightly forward, gently pat your lower back, hips and buttocks. Next, pat your legs, moving down and then back up again. Pat you hips and then gently pat your abdomen several times.

Grounding Meditation Download

Here is a grounding meditation that I invite you to download and listen to. It guides you through a gentle relaxation and grounding practice.

Relaxation and Grounding Meditation

Additional Support

If you are feeling overwhelmed or are struggling with anxiety, you may benefit from a private session. Integrated Energy Healing sessions provide deep healing, along with practical tools and practices to help you strengthen your energy field.

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